10 natural ways to repair dry and brittle nails

Even though women transformed painting  nails in an art, we should not forget that nails should be taken care off from the inside also. Many women and men have problems with dry and brittle nails, and most of the times these issues can be a sign of anemia or other conditions.

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You can now make your nails stronger without going to a doctor, and here are 10 methods, from inside and outside, to really take care of them:

  1. lack of vitamin a, b and c can be a cause for brittle nails, so try and include these 3 vitamins in your regular meals
  2. also, you may want to include fish oil as part of your diet. The essential fatty acids will help you nails
  3. hydrating your body is as important as eating right. Drinking water is the easiest way to help you body
  4. you should also try to massage your hands and nails. These regular massages will help blood flow and circulation
  5. try not to use your nails to open cans. No substitution of your nails with other tools and your nails will thank you
  6. If you immerse your nails in a bowl with olive oil and leave them there for 10 minutes, several times per week, you will see a difference in their appearance.
  7. try using gloves in every domestic activity that includes an exterior factor
  8. apply one time per week tea tree oil and vitamin E to your nails and it will help prevent infections
  9. make a mixture of sea salt, lemon juice and wheat germ oil and it will definitively give a new glow to your nails

10 natural ways to repair dry and brittle nails

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