DIY Easter Bunny Carrots

Easter is coming up in less than two months, and this means more family time, delicious painted eggs, and lots of gifts. For me, it also means a chance to experiment with some sweet decorations. After having played around with different tutorials I found on the internet, I came up with a great idea which I want to share with you guys. It’s an easy tutorial for creating Easter bunny carrots. If you like it, you should also check out my Paper Strip Easter Egg and Burlap Bunny Table Runner art.



  • cardboard
  • patterned materials
  • scissors
  • sewing materials
  • cotton batting



  1. Before you begin you should draw two cardboard templates. One will have an isosceles triangle shape, (with a 2,5” base, and 6.5” height), and the other one looks like a small arch (1.5” wide, and 2.5” wide).
  2. Cut the cardboard templates out and trace them on your patterned materials. The small arches will be the leaves, and the triangle shapes will become the carrot. Stitch the pieces together.
  3. Turn the body of the carrot, and stuff it with cotton batting.
  4. Turn under a small hem at the top and tack around.
  5. Stitch three leaves with the help of a thread, and secure them into place with some ribbon or ric rac.
  6. Make more carrots with different patterned materials.

Easter Bunny Carrots

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