DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Spring may be here, but it seems that the cold weather is still holding. Personally, I love colder weather because I find it easier to accessorize my outfits with leather boots, hats, gloves and scarves. While gloves may be out of the question, scarves can still be used, throughout March and April. Since I’m a little low on cash I browsed on YouTube for some scarf tutorials. The one by Audra, from the Kurtz Corner, really caught my eye. Let’s see how it’s done.


For the full Video Tutorial: click here



  • 2 skeins (bundles) of Yarn, preferably super bulky #6
  • scissors


Scarf Specs:

12 stitches wide, 20-25 links long



  1. Tie the ends of your bundles together, and pull some of the yarn off. Make a four-foot tail.
  2. Take the end of the yarn, fold it, create a loop, twist it, grab the tail and pull it through (in this order). This is how you create the first loop, which you should put on your arm. The tightness of the loop will determine the size of your scarf’s loops.
  3. Separate the tail, from the working yarn. With the other hand, you will make your scarf.
  4. Put your fingers through the yarns to create a loop around your thumb. Hold the tail of the scarf with your index finger, and the working yarn with your other two fingers.
  5. Use the hand where your first loop rests to create the first stitch. Go under and over the thumb loop, then over and under again. (Check the video). Repeat.
  6. By now you should have 12 stitches on your hand. Hold the working yarn in your hand, and pull one stitch over your hand, through the hole created with the working yarn. Insert your other hand through the second loop created. Tighten the stitch on your other arm.
  7. Go back and forth between hands, to complete 20 links, by repeating Step 4.
  8. To bind your scarf, take the working yarn, repeat Step 4 on two stitches, but instead of continuing, take the first stitch and bring it over the second one. Repeat for the entire row. Create a knot with the last stitch.
  9. For Infinity Scarf ending, check out this video.
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