DIY Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

Interior design and decorating have always been my two favorite hobbies. Of course, my husband wasn’t very excited to spend hundreds of dollars on furniture alone, so I had to come up with a new plan. DIY furniture is the perfect way of revitalizing and customizing your house, refurbishing old furniture and, of course, saving money. Last week I showed you how to make a gorgeous Pallet Swing Bed, and today we will continue our DIY furniture list, with a colorful, and very practical Outdoor Buffet Cabinet.



  • 1 piece of 38 1/2-inch 1 x 2
  • Light-duty #3 double-loop chain approx. 4 feet long
  • Box of 1 1/2-inch coarse thread wood screws
  • Continuous (piano) hinge 36 inches long
  • 40 x 16-inch pieces of sanded plywood
  • high-quality wood glue
  • hanging mounts, decorative latch
  • Exterior Stain or Paint
  • Eyehooks and 1/8-inch S-hooks (same size as chain)
  • 1 x 6 lumber, 14 linear feet
  • 1/2-inch square dowel rod approx.14 inches long
  • Level or T-Square, Sandpaper, Marker, Power Saw, Wood Filler and Exterior Stain or Paint



  1. Measure and cut every wood piece, or have it cut for you at the Home Depot store.
  2. Next, start assembling the parts with a level or T-square, to ensure a perfect fix. Apply wood glue where the pieces will be joined, and secure them with screws.
  3. Now that you have the frame you can assemble the shelf pieces. (follow Step 2).
  4. Attach the hinge on the front plywood with the help of its screws. Fasten the bottom portion of the buffet correctly. Test to see if it opens easily.
  5. Use Eyehooks and S-hooks to strengthen the frame. Secure your chain onto the S-Hook.
  6. Dowel Rod bottom stops are needed for the foldable front piece. Place them a few inches away from the front piece.
  7. Inspect the Buffet and make sure to sand down rough areas for a professional finish.
  8. Apply the paint or stain of your choice. A primer is recommended for an even-looking finish.
  9. Decide what mounting system you will need for your wall, and attach the finished cabinet.

DIY Outdoor Buffet Cabinet

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