How to remove build up from your hair

Our hair is one of most important asset so it`s important we take care of it with maximum attention every single time we wash it. Because we use products daily to maintain our hair, and we expose it to natural exterior factors, it is important to take care of it after all these elements so they don`t affect it. Dust, sun or even strong wind can damage the strength of your hair and also it`s appearance.

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If you are tired of residue in your hair from product build up, we have an easy DIY solution, using only baking soda! This method will only take 4 minutes to do it and another 10 to leave it to action.

Our solution is to  mix backing soda with 3 tablespoons of water in a small bowl and turn them this way into a paste. The next step is to gently wash your hair with this paste and leave it on your hair for 10 minutes.

After the time is passed, wash it as usual with shampoo and you will have a shiny and clean hair. If you want the final touch to be more impressive, just cleanse it with some lemon and water after shampooing and your hair will thank you for that!

Try this treatment once a week and don’t forget to use conditioner once in a while to strengthen and moisturize your most powerful asset, your hair! You will see result in just 4 weeks after starting this treatement!

How to remove build up from your hair

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