Natural tips to get rid of moles

Moles are really common on our skin, and if you don’t have moles yet it is highly probable you will have them sometimes during your life. They are included in the non cancerous or benign, really common skin lesions among others like freckles or skin tags.

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They can appear on your body in many places, being alone or appearing in groups. As a color, they will probably be black or brown and you can have up to 40 moles until your adult life (most of them appear starting with childhood).

If you have moles and you don’t want to proceed to surgery to remove them, here are some helpful tips:

1.  Try applying garlic on them. Just peel some pieces of garlic and squish them. You can now easily apply the composition on the moles and try to wrap it on your moles using a bandage. Leave it overnight and you will see improvements on the aspect of your moles.

2. On the same principle as garlic you can apply bananas. Just cut the banana into thin pieces and leave them over your moles as much as you can (preferably over night). You will notice improvements after 1-2 weeks of trying this method.

3. Pineapple will also work great for your mole if you squish juice out of it and apply the juice on your moles using a cotton ball.

4. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best options if you want to get rid of moles. Because it is a really strong natural acid, it will slowly burn the mole and it will make them eventually fall of. It also protects the skin from getting infected because it has anti-bacterial properties. Before you use this, you should test it on your skin (if it doesn`t burn for too long, you can use it on your moles ). Try to use organic apple cider and dip a cotton ball in it and press it on the respective area. Apply a medical tape over it and hold it for one hour. Doing this every day for 10 days will assure you will see results.

Natural tips to get rid of moles

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