Neon T-Shirt Reconstruction

Becoming a stay-at-home mom has turned me in a very creative person. Everywhere I look I see opportunities for hand-made fixes, clothes and make-up recipes. Since you guys enjoyed my Infinity Scarf Tutorial so much, I decided to experiment with an old T-Shirt I had lying around the house, and share the results with you. I’ve managed to create a pretty dress, perfect for the oh-so-sweet summer nights. I hope you enjoy it!



  • a large T-Shirt
  • scissors
  • elastic for the waist/under the bust
  • sewing tools



  1. Cut off the sleeves of your T-shirt. Also cut a straight line under the neckline. Your former sleeves will become the top of the dress, and the larger part of the T-shirt will become the body of the dress.
  2. Cut the seams of your sleeves open, to create a long strip of fabric. Make sure it is the right size for your bust. Make two identical pieces.
  3. Measure the top of the dress with the body. Sew the top pieces to the body.
  4. Sew elastic on the inner part of your bust pieces. (stretch the elastic as you sew).
  5. Get rid of the excess fabric. If you need an extra elastic for the upper part of the dress (over the bust) sew it in, and turn the dress on the right side out.
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