Patchwork Pallet

New things in the house, don’t necessarily need to be new. Personally, I can’t wait for the next yard sale, or flea market event to happen. Most people throw away the cutest stuff simply because they have no idea how to re-purpose them. Last week we learned how to create an Outdoor Buffet Cabinet and today I would like to show you how easy it is to make a bench from pallets. The Patchwork Pallet has spring colors written all over it. Let’s take a look at how it’s done:



  • pallets
  • lumber boards
  • 2×4 wooden legs
  • nail gun
  • screws
  • paint
  • jigsaw



  1. Cut a pallet in half, lengthwise, with the help of a jigsaw. The center board will become a side. Also cut off the wood scallops (the outer edges) from the sides, to make your bench straight.
  2. Add two smaller boards underneath, at equal distances. You will need them later.
  3. Screw the 2×4 legs on the edges of the pallet, to create your small table.
  4. The other half of the pallet will be used to create the patchwork model. You can use the remaining, shorter pieces, to patch up the top. Use the two smaller boards underneath for support.
  5. Before nail gunning these small boards in, you should paint and sand them. Use different colors to create a pattern.
  6. You can also add a 2×4 perpendicularly for extra support.
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