Say bye bye to stretch marks

Dermatologists define stretch marks as superficial scars that are most commonly associated with fast weight loss or weight gain or any other changes including here also pregnancy.

Pregnancy comes with hormonal changes that affect women and also their skin, many stretch marks appearing in the 7th or 6th month of carrying the baby. But not only pregnant women get these stretch marks. Because they are connected with hormonal changes, they also occur in puberty and in bodybuilding.

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It is important to let the body gain or lose weight slowly and consistently than really abrupt. If you want to avoid having problems with stretch marks, try to follow the below advices:

– include vitamins in your diet and also fatty supplements as fish oil. They will keep you skin from stretching and it will give your skin the flexibility it needs.

-use a daily moisturizer to feed your skin and hydrate it. It is really important to not skip moisturizing your skin.

– you can apply egg whites on your belly because egg whites have proteins. You can then wash your belly and put some olive oil on it so it moisturize it.

– ┬árub some lemon juice on your belly and leave it for 10 minutes before washing the skin with warm water

– drink lots of water

If you keep your body hydrated it will protect the skin from many problems and also help with elasticity. You can go up to 10 glasses of water per day.

These natural remedies will help improve the aspect of your skin, but it`s not sure that the stretch marks will completely go away.

Say bye bye to stretch marks

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