The Ultimate Guide for Brushes

Just because I love and know everything about make-up doesn’t mean that the person next to me has to. Most women have no idea how beautiful they can look with a bit of make-up, and this is what I am here for. I want to help you enhance your already gorgeous features. It begins with understanding the tools you are using. Last week I talked to you about all natural foundation, and today I would like to share the ultimate guide for brushes, which was inspired from Cara’s Visual Science of Brushes.


Cream & Liquids Brushes:

  1. The Medium-Sized Flat Brush can be used for applying foundation
  2. The Small Flat Brush is perfect for applying concealer because it provides with precision under the eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. The Tiny Flat Brush is an ideal choice for lipstick, concealer and eyeliner.


Powder Brushes:

  1. The Bronzer brush should be used for heavy coverage (bronzer, blush, powder foundation)
  2. Flat Foundation brushes are excellent for light to medium coverage and highlighting cheekbones.
  3. The Angled Contour Brush comes in different shapes and sizes. With it you can easily swipe your cheekbone, apply eye shadow and contour your face.
  4. Duster brushes get rid of extra eyeshadow.


“Universal” Brushes:

  1. The Foundation Stippling brush is a must-have for seamless concealer and foundation application, and airbrush finish.
  2. Soft Dome brushes are ideal for blending and smudging harsh lines below the brow. They are also useful for blending concealer and hiding dark circles.
  3. The Beauty blender is basically a sponge that will give you an airbrush finish to foundation, and get rid of eye shadow and liner excess.
  4. Smaller brushes like the Dual End brow, the bent liner, pencil and soft dome brush have different uses which include, but are not limited to blush and bronzer contour, highlighting cheekbones, smudging eye liner, nose&lip finish, illuminating the eyes and perfecting the brows.
  5. Let’s not forget the Q-tip, which is not really brush, but will help you clean up imperfections, apply concealer and smudge eye liner.
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