Top natural remedies for your skin

Every woman wants to be beautiful and the cosmetic industry takes advantage of that by releasing more and more creams and make up products so they meet with the needs of the consumers.

If you want to avoid spending so much money on cosmetic you can take a look in your fridge to find some useful ingredients to treat different problems of your skin. They are all natural, they are effective and the costs are much lower than normal cosmetics.

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  • if you have dark circles or tired eyes, just grab some cucumber from your fridge, slice 2 pieces from it, put them into the refrigerator first for 5 minutes and after that place them under your eyes. This natural treatment will make your eyes look fresh and will reduce the aspect of dark circles.
  • you can make yourself an anti-aging cream, easy and all natural. You just need 3 tablespoons of cream, 1/4 of an avocado and only 1 tablespoon of honey. Just mix these ingredients in a blender and then apply this on your skin. Only one hour is enough every day so your face looks younger and wrinkle free.
  • Use baking soda if you have problems with acne or pimples. Just mix baking soda with water and apply the paste on the areas you have problems with. It will clear your face of pimples in 1-2 weeks if you use it daily.
  • Sugar is a really good exfoliator for your skin because it removes dead skin cells and it makes your skin softer and smoother. You just need sugar, cinnamon and olive oil. Just mix these 3 ingredients and apply the mix on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with some warm water.
  • Lemon is the ultimate aid from nature, because it is rich in citric acid and vitamin C. You can use it to lighten your skin, to reduce blackheads, or even to whiten your teeth.
Top natural remedies for your skin

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