Wood Mail Sorter with Key Hooks

As you may very well know, I love wood. It works with all types of interiors, because it is sophisticated, warm, rustic and stylish, all at the same time. Wood speaks to me like no other material can. This is also why most of my projects use it. Remember the Patchwork Pallet and Pallet Swing Bed projects? They have encouraged me to venture out, and build even more great furniture pieces. Today I want to share with you the worn and distressed, vintage style Wood Mail Sorter with Key Hooks project.



  • 3- 3/8” x 2” x 36 ” whitewood strip (or wood lath)
  • 1 sawtooth hook (hanger)
  • stain
  • 3 coat hooks
  • 1- 1” x 10’x 8′ whitewood board
  • wood glue and filler
  • Tools: pencil, drill, compound miter saw, nailer, sander, measuring tape, safety glasses


For Full Instructions & the Complete Cut List click here



  1. Start by building the facings. Make sure you are working on a clean, lean surface.
  2. Cut off triangle shapes, for the spacers. Apply wood glue on them, and attach the facing on top. Secure it with a couple of nails.
  3. Adding Frames to the Facings: Apply wood glue along the edges, and the frames in this order: bottom, a side piece, the top, and the last side piece. Repeat for all facings.
  4. The last framing piece will be added to on back board of the Mail Sorter.
  5. Remember to stain the pieces before you add the facings, for better cover. I recommend using a foam brush for the stain. Apply the stain on the board, wait a few minutes for it to sink in, then wipe off the excess with a towel.
  6. Use stain for he facings (repeat Step 5), then distress your Mail Sorter.
  7. Make chalk marks for the facings, and attach them to the board with the help of your wood glue. Reinforce them with nails.
  8. Mark circles on your bottom section of the board, for the coat hooks. Drill holes through the board, and screw the hooks into place.
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